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Hurtigruten ships- alcohol?

The Hurtigruten website states that passengers are NOT allowed to bring any of their own alcohol on board unless they turn it over to the ship's crew to keep until you leave the ship. Yet, in reading some recent reviews I saw people mention having a drink in their cabin before dinner from their own alcohol. Can someone clarify this for me? We don't drink much but would like a small drink before dinner and do not want to pay the ship's high prices. thanks for any information. J blake

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I'm not sure what you are really asking here. You said that the official policy is clear on the website. What exactly are you trying to clarify? If you are seeking to clarify Hurtigruten policy I strongly suggest you contact them directly.

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Here is the company policy:

Alcohol Policy

Due to strict laws surrounding alcohol in Norway, and for the safety
of our guests, alcohol that has not been purchased on board may not be
consumed in any public area of the ship or in your cabin. Guests may
bring up to two unopened bottles (maximum 1.5 liters each) per person
onboard, but will be required to check these at the reception desk,
and will be returned at the end of your voyage.

That said, I think you are asking about enforcement of the policy. When we boarded some 10 years ago as deck passengers (no cabin) our (carried on) bags were not inspected. That said, Norwegians are basically honest and follow rules.

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Yes, I am aware of their official policy, but when reading recent reviews several people mentioned having a drink in their cabin before dinner. So that confused me. I thought maybe they don't mind if you bring a very small amount on board and consume it in your cabin. I guess I should try to ask the people who wrote those reviews. Thanks for your responses. Julia