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How to Get tfrom Bergen to Olso

My friend and I want to explore Bergen on May 16 and 17th and meet up with a group Monday night May 18 2020. The train takes 6 hours from Bergen to Olso. What airline would you suggest to fly from Bergen to Olso to get maximum time in Bergen and still make the reception Monday night? What would be the approximate price point?

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Keep in mind that the Bergen-Oslo railway is considered one of the most beautifull train journeys in the world. Those 6 hours on a train might not be a waste of time.

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Thank you to all that have answered. Does anyone know what time the train leaves Bergen so we can be in Oslo at 5pm? Thanks.

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I agree that the train might not be a waste of time, as the views are great. To find schedules, look at but tickets for may are not for sale yet. Book in advance and you can get a ticket for 300 kr or so.

If you want to fly, it will cost a lot more. Your choices are SAS and Norwegian, unless the price difference is huge I'd book SAS to avoid having to worry about a potential bankrupcy.

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This trip is closer to 7 hours as sometimes there are short delays. It is very beautiful. Book an early morning train as soon as possible on the 18th.

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Another vote for the train. You won’t save any time flying.

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There are a few methods to get from Oslo to bergen:
1) Take a flight
A plane journey from Oslo to Bergen takes under one hour and there are over 20 flights every day Traveling between the airport and the city center is easy (Bergen Light Rail Bybanen or the airport shuttle bus Flybussen).

2) Oslo to Bergen by train
This trip will take around 7 hours. The train passes through spectacular landscapes and gives you a lot of options for excursions on the way ( Flåm Railway).

3) Driving from Oslo to Bergen
Driving by car from Oslo to Bergen takes around 7-8 hours.

4) By bus the journey will take around 9h 30 min. The road from Oslo to Bergen is wonderfully picturesque and gives you a good view of some of the vast and wild nature of Norway.