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How to break up the trip between Oslo and the west of Norway?

I'm trying to put together a last minute driving itinerary through Scandinavia, and while plugging in routes on ViaMichelin, I keep hitting the same wall over and over again- the driving times between Oslo and the stuff I want to see on the west side of Norway (Bergen, Sognefjord) are just too long to cover comfortably in one day, and there aren't too many obvious half-way stop off points. I tried as an alternative the southern route, spending a night in Kristiansand then heading northwards, but same problem... it takes too long to reach Bergen and there's no obvious half-way stopover beyond what look like some tiny hamlets. And then I would have the same long drive back to Olso from the other direction.

So... seeing that this is a very popular region to visit, I can't be the first person who's ever tried to come up with a good place to spend the night. Anyone have an ideas? I live in Europe and have a car, plus I'm taking a dog with me, so the Norway in a Nutshell train or flying are not options. I've driven through other parts of Norway farther to the north, and I've seen how sparse the interior of the country can be for casual lodging options, so I don't want to just "wing it" in the hopes of finding something en-route.

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Absent a better answer, winging it works.

In three or four summer trips cutting across using all of the three northern route possibilities that's all I've ever done.

If you call it a ten hour operation and start looking at four hours you'll find something (and pass several spots) by hour six.

Hamlets will have a bulletin board TI and you'll see signs for rural B&Bs along the way. Additionally, 'camping' areas often have small, clean cabins with linen, but the only running water is on the kitchen counter--toilets and showers are in a separate communal building.

Dogs are an unknown factor.

I can't remember what I've done on the southern route since I think we always broke it off at the ferry that goes down to the tip of Jutland.

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I think I answered my own question. Looks like Hemsedal, Fagernes and Geilo might work, but if anyone has any first hand experiences, I'm open to other options.

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Perhaps you're on the road, now. Hope it's spectacular!