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Hotels in Oslo

We stayed in a RS recommended hotel last night in Oslo. It was perfect in every way except.....
Loud neighbors in the floor above us. Party until 5:00 am. Staff was kind and offered a $50 USD. Discount. Room price was $300 USD. Thoughts?

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Accept it and forget it. Anything else just kills your lifetime and quality of life.

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After you called the front desk to complain about the noise disturbing your sleep, , were attempts made by the security staff to tell those in the room above to quiet down?

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Care to share the name of the hotel? I've experienced noise from the street but the multi-story Oslo hotels that I have experienced seem to have very sound (sorry for the pun) floors (typically concrete?).

I did have a upper floor noise problem with an older two or three story motel with wood floors in Washington (State) where the upstairs guest left a dog that barked until the bar(s) must have closed the the humans returned. The floor structure must have been wood because the returning human guest were heavy footed and we could hear every step they took. We should have taken up the hotel staff's offer to move us to a new room.

BTW: Interesting that the offered you a discount in USD and not NOK.

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Attempts were made by security staff to quiet the boys. chalking this up to experience.