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Hotel Kviknes

Bill, I'm sorry you took down your post before I could send you this reply. You did it moments before I could transmit the following. For what it's worth, here is what I wanted to say:

No, please leave your post up. The legalistic responses some people have given you are not particularly helpful, especially since you recognize that the reservation you made is your "fault."

I've been in similar situations before. It is easy enough to do when clicking an on-screen button. Sometimes I have been able to work out a compromise where I lose a little and the hotel bends a bit. In one case, I paid half the rate, for example. I have a very favorable and grateful feeling about that hotel and will stay there again and recommend them in a heartbeat.

A little understanding is what I hope for when interacting with other humans. Sometimes it works. When it doesn't, I appreciate knowing. So leave your post up. It is clear enough to anyone reading it what the circumstances are. Others can decide for themselves how to treat what has been said.

I wish you luck with your illness. Take care.

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I think he simply realized his "don't stay at Hotel Kviknes" was too harsh and he did not want to be seen in that light.

The responses given were not "legalistic", most were sympathetic but realistic. Yes, does make it all too easy to jump on that low non-refundable rate, but the information is right there, not hidden on a later page.

Yes, it would be nice to have a more "humane" response, but in the Internet world no one knows who is telling the truth and who is just making up an excuse. Not saying the hotel did not believe him, but they have to have a policy that covers all situations without discrimination or human judgment, because they have no verifiable basis for making that judgment.

Besides, his contract was with, not the hotel. If there was a possibility for human intervention and relaxation of the policy, it should have come from It was unfair to blame the hotel and tell people not to book there.