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Hostess gift

I am connecting with my grandparents relatives in Bergen. They have invited us to dinner at their home a free night on RS Scandanavia tour. With the baggage restrictions will need to buy something there. Any suggestions on what to bring? They will also be taking us to Osteroy to meet more family after the tour to meet more relatives. Thanks in advance. Only three weeks away... so excited.. weighing clothes. ha

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Why not flowers or a bottle of something that you can pick up that day.

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Asking couldn't hurt either... Chocolate is a third possibility...

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Alcohol is extremely highly taxed in Norway, which might make it an attractive gift from the standpoint of the recipient.

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Acraven, as usual, is right on point. At the Bergen airport, you’ll pass through a LARGE duty free liquor store where it seems everyone is stocking up before crossing the official entry point into the country. A nice bottle of akvavit or wine would make a nice gift.