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Hiking in the wild in Norway (2 weeks)

Hey all,

I’ve been thinking for some time now to go on a hiking trip in Norway.

I am quite an experienced hiker.
Have been hiking from a young age and have been to Faroër Island, Australia, Patagonia.
Now I want to do a hiking trip in Norway.

Specifics: I will be going on a two week hike during September 2017 in Norway together with a friend.
Location, destination unknown yet.

I want to start from point A and hike for two weeks, where I ‘ll be camping in the wild and will be bringing all the necessaries.
After two weeks I want to arrive at point B.

Preferably I would like to hike in the Wild Wild. So, no people at all.

I will be taking plane and bus to get to point A and get home from point B.

Does anybody know any amazing hiking routes which will take two weeks to complete?

Thanks in advance,

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The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is a good resource for summer and winter outdoor adventures. What may be difficult is your "no people at all" criteria in that Norwegians enjoy the outdoors. If you seek people solitude, you would likely need to look north:

What will simplify seeking wild adventure is Norway's freedom to roam access to land:
Pick a blank area on a map and roam.

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Edgar has provided you with the best places to start!
The one piece of advice I will add is this. We hiked extensively in Norway two years ago - just day overnights anywhere. The one thing that was surprising to me was how wet it was! Frequently we would find places where the ground was like a water-soaked sponge. When you step on the ground in many places water seeps up forming a deep puddle around your shoes and completely saturates them! Make sure to wear the most waterproof boots you can find.
Through the trekking association you can hike a series of mountain huts that are very similar to the ones you find in the Alps throughout Switzerland, France, Italy, and Austria. Not as many of them serve food but they are very clean and comfortable.