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Hiking in Norway

We plan to hike in Norway at the end of May. Does anyone have any experience with this? I was planning to fit this in my schedule near Jotunheimen National Park. Is this possible or will the trails still be snowpacked? Please give other options if these trails are unpassable at this time of year. Our overall itinerary will include the fjords, hiking in the mountains, probably a day in Bergen, a couple of days in Oslo, and finishing the trip in Stockholm. Flights have not been purchased and plans have not been made as of yet. The only constraint is that the trip must end in Stockholm as we have already registered for the marathon.

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I have only ski toured in Jotunheimen, not hiked. You may be able to get a better idea of the hiking season by checking the opening datesbfor the services DNT huts.

Here's a link to West Jotunheimen touring:
It shows the hiking season as starting in June.

You could/should correspond with the DNT office or consider a DNT guided tour.

If you need maps or just want updated conditions stop at the DNT office in Oslo at Sorgata 3. Just a couple of blocks from Oslo S.

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Hiked a bit in Johtumheim as even the valleys are 3500/4000 ft would expect plenty of snow about.I did it in early Aug and hit steches of snow,had crampons as was going to climb some of the higher peaks.
Theres a DNT route guide book,the "english route" near Flam got a high recommendation,its at a low altitude.
Finse is an extraorindary place ,has a webcam and private as well as a huge DNT lodge.

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Thank you for the info. I guess the hike at Besseggen Ridge is not an option, but I thought that may be the case. We will probably be staying somewhere near Sognefjord, so perhaps hiking near Aurland is a possiblilty. I would prefer real trails and not what RS calls hiking on dirt/gravel roads. Also Nigard Glacier intrigues me. Anyone have experience with this?

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Be worth mailing the. nearest hut,wouldn't give up on the idea yet. Reminded me of the Cairngorms here some Mays are snowfree other years the plateau (3500) has snow right thru till late July