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Help with Norway Itinerary

Trying to figure out a solid itinerary for 10-day excursion into Norway that will focus primarily on hiking outdoors, looking to start in middle August. I'm looking at starting in Bergen and ending in Oslo. It's a bit confusing to understand where to stay to me, and also how to get from town to town at times. I know that there's the NiN tour, but is there any real advantage to that?

How does this look?

Bergen 2-3 nights
day cruise to->
Flam 3 nights
train to->
Aurland? or Alesund? or Voss? 3 nights
train to ->
Oslo 2-3 nights

From there I will catch a flight to continue on my trip elsewhere.

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The advantage of the NIN is that everything is timed to work with each other, train, bus, boat. This makes it an expedient way to see the fjords in a short period if time.
We are also doing Norway for 10 days this summer from Oslo. It was confusing to me too, so I decided to work with Brekke Travel in Grand Forks, ND. To help plan things out. They have been great and we are all set.

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The advantage of the Norway in a Nutshell tour is that it is a multi-mode coordinated very scenic East to West cross section of southern Norway. Multi-mode in that it includes rail (including the Oslo to Bergen Line), boat, bus where connections are more or less guaranteed. It is a cross section from Norway's interior coastal city of Oslo, across the Hardangervidda to its high point at Myrdal, dropping to sea level on the Flam railway, boat through a narrow fjord, then bus and train to the western coastal city of Bergen. An you can do that in a day.

For hiking opportunities, the VisitNorway website is a good start:
Hiking the Jotunheimen National Park should be a must do for hikers. If hiking is your primary interest, consider a hut to hut tour in the Jotunheimen or one of the other national parks. The Rondane National Park is less rugged (up and down) than the Jotunheimen (home of the Giants).

Consider the Norwegian trekking association (DNT) as both a resource and a tour provider:
One example of a DNT guided tour:

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May I interrupt your post with my own question? I am considering the NiN tour - heading from Bergen to Oslo. HAs anyone done this tour heading east? Thanks.

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Trains don't go into can only get there by plane, car, ferry, or bus. It's quickest to fly from Bergen. Well worth the effort though!