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Help with last part of road trip from Bergen

We have 5 nights in Norway. The first 2 will be in Bergen. We will then rent a car and drive to Flam. Planning to stop in Voss to white water raft on the way. We are staying 2 nights in Flam and have booked a fjord safari and the train/zip line/bike ride. I'm struggling to plan what to do the final two days of our trip and where to stay the last night. I'm considering a guided blue ice hike on a glacier and would also like to visit a stave church. Thinking we could drive from Flam to Nigardsbreen and do a short blue ice hike in the afternoon. Then spend the last night in Fjaerland or Balestrand (or is there somewhere else we should stay)? And then visit Hopperstad stave church on our drive back to Bergen. If we stay in Fjaerland, we can visit the glacier museum in the morning before we leave although it will be a longer drive to Bergen vs Balestrand. Is there anything else to stop and see or do along the drive back to Bergen?

Is there another glacier that would be better and easier to get to? Or another stave church that would make sense? Or should we skip the glacier walk and do something else? We are really open to ideas for these last 2 days.

Traveling with three boys (15, 13 and 11).


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I deeply recommend to spend minimum one of the days around scenic route Hardanger fjord with lots of waterfalls before travelling on to Flåm. Consider Utne or Eidfjord as alternative to Balestrand for a night stay at a fjord which is less scenic in my opinion. For experienced and fit hikers popular Trolltunga or Dronningstien can be of interest.

For glacier you can also visit Folgefonna National Park at Hardanger fjord.

In Flåm how about ziplining for the boys?

Date of travel (?) can be important for Planning and events. Flåm can be overcrowded by a large cruise ship (port list).