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Help with itinerary-schedule for a Norway-Sweden road trip from 6/5 to 6/13/19

We need help with itinerary and day to day schedule for a Norway road trip: Flam area/Fjord boat trip/Flam Railway and Norway scenic roads from 6/5 to 6/13/19. Departure and arrival city is Gothenbug/West coast roads in Sweden. Thanks a lot!

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I guess that you do not expect that someone is doing an itinerary for you?

If you post one the forum is happy to provide some feedback, so you can work it out step by step on your own.

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Sorry about that. I had no intention of having the forum to work for me. I was just asking for suggested itineraries but you are right. If I have one you maybe could fine tune it and I will be grateful since it is my first time in Scandinavia. The one I am thinking about is: drive from GOT to Oslo crossing the Sweden west coast on 6/5 with a stop for a night then from Oslo take the road to Flam. I think that one day is enough to drive from Oslo to Flam taking a scenic rout that I don’t know which one and would love suggestions since it is a long drive right? Then, being in Flam get the Flam railway and the boat tour in the fjord. I see it confusing because it looks like you can make one way or round trips but parking the car at Flam train station how this could be done to return to get the car? I see that buses, boats and trains are involved in that tour. It could be the next day if arriving in Flam right? Maybe I will arrive from Oslo too late and no more trains will be available for the same day. Then, after the day if the train and boat rides I was thinking to drive in the scenic Atlantic road but there are many options that I don’t know how to prioritize the better since I won’t have many days. After the train and boat rides all time will be to drive in the scenic roads with stops to see the attractions in these roads maybe like the pulpit rock and similar hiking. I would love to drive to Lofoten but it is maybe is too far and there are no many days. What do you think? I will be very grateful with your guidance and again sorry if I offended you or anyone else in the forum.

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Not offending but more info is helpful to give feedback and also if the process of doing itinerary is driven by yourself.

Size and age of group would help, interests as well. Anybody with potential sea sickness o fear of being on water?

Did you already check that you can get a car which is allowed to cross border and ride ferries? If yes be aware of Autopass toll system in both countries.

Plan max. 250 - 300 km per day.

Basically eight days is not much but enough to work out a nice round trip. Do not stick too much on the official scenic routes - there are also other very beautiful and interesting routes which are more or less unknown to 90% of tourists. Example is the Skien - Rjukan scenic route.

It would be good to have a list view from you such as:

6/5: Gothenburg - Oslo, doing this, (night in Xyz)
6/6 ...

Some basic answers:

parking the car at Flam train station how this could be done to return
to get the car?

Shuttle bus or boat back again.

It could be the next day if arriving in Flam right?

Likely. At sunny weather start the day with Stegastein outlook and do the rest after that.

I was thinking to drive in the scenic Atlantic road

??? Which one? That one? If yes, forget about that. Very far away from Flam. More or less just a curved bridge like some others in Norway - which are more spectacular but all not close to Flam.

I would love to drive to Lofoten but it is maybe is too far

No chance with time you have. Recommend more on Hardangerfjord / Bergen area before driving to Lysefjord if you want to do Pulpit Rock.

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Thanks a lot for your response and questions. It will led me to take advantage of your good willingness to help me.
We are a group of 3. My husband (62), myself (56) and our 18 years old daughter.
We will be the drivers and we love road trips and are used to that here in the US. Volvo will give full coverage/European Car Insurance and Sweden License plate with a toll road account to drive the car anywhere in EU/Scandinavia. I have the Norway account for the tolls and they did the one for Sweden.

Our interest is to see the Norway natural beauty: the roads, the fjords, light hiking, mountains, and sea without enjoying the people and the food. Lodging accommodation' suggestion are welcome!
Day 1, 6/1/19: departure US to Stockholm
Day 2, 6/2/19: tour Stockholm
Day 3, 6/3/19: tour Stockholm
Day 4: 6/4/19: fly to Gothenburg from Stockholm arriving at GOT by noon having a half day tour in GOT.
Day 5: 6/5/19: Volvo will give me my car then I am free to go (need to return the car to Volvo by 4 pm on 6-13-19 for timely home shipping).
Day 5: 6/5/19: Drive to the Sweden west coast to go to Norway with short stops in Marstrand, Lysekill, Smogen and Fjallbacka.
Day 6: 6/6/19: Overnight probably in Fjallbacka before crossing the border. Is there another or better option for the stop? Are there car ferries from this area in Sweden to Norway then don't have to go via Oslo?
Then this is where I need help deciding the route and the overnight places:)
Day 7: 6/7/19: Start driving to Norway from Sweden. I was thinking to first reach the Flam area to have the Flam Railway and the Fjord boat ride. I am not sure where to start this route from Sweden to reach these attractions and where to park and return to get the car when I will go to the train/boat ride since it looks like you can do round trip or just one way and buses are involved for the return. I saw it confusing. I saw that we can park at the Flam Station. Do you know how it works for people that is not using public transportation? Thank you!
I don't know what will be the best route from Sweden to Flam to drive taking advantage of it while maximizing the time. Any idea? Should I take a southbound route like the E18 to reach Stavanger then Trolltunga then Flam or a westbound route like the E16 to reach Flam first then go south to Trolltunga then Stavanger? or others?
I would like a logic route that I can combine with the others things that are around of fjords like Naeroyfjord, Geirangerfjord (or others if any better or more favorable according to the route suggested).
I have all the days below for that attractions and more if you know about others if possible but I need help on how to distribute the time among them. If possible, to maximize the time and see more, we maybe can leave the car parked somewhere (airport parking maybe) and fly from Bergen to Lofoten (2 days there?).
If it is too far for the short time we have we can do more in the same area listed above or do not go that far but go to Alesund via Atlantic road. I don't mind getting car ferries. I would love to drive ver the bridges linking the isles...
If nothing else to see around Flam/Voss/Bergen then take Rv 13 from Flam to hike the Pulpit Rock or take the road to Alesund and leave the southbound roads and attractions for my way back to Sweden.
If there is a car ferry service from Stavanger (Kjerag) to Alesund (Storseisundet bridge) or Lofoten it will be nice to save some driving and enjoying the scene. Or from Bergen..All is defined for the Sweden part from 6/1 to 6/6 but not after that which is the Norway part: day 8/6-8 to day 12: 6-12: ??
Day 13: 6/13: start driving back to GOT or can start doing that on 6/13. Need to return the car on 6/13 before 4 pm
Day 14: 6/14 need to be at GOT before 4 pm to return the car.
Day 14: 6/13: take a train to Copenhagen from GOT
Day 15: 6/15: tour CPH
Day 16: 6/16: tour CPH
Day 17: 6/17: return to the US
Again, thank you very much!

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Sorry. I mean "ALSO" (no without) enjoying the people, the culture and the food.

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Is this a Volvo overseas delivery? Then there is no need to worry about the usual rental car stuff, just make sure you know how to pay the road tolls.

A few comments on the plan:

Day 4: Flying from Stockholm to Gothenburg is madness. The high speed train takes 3 hours city centre to centre and costs from 195 kr. Flying takes about 4 hours city centre to city centre and costs at least three times as much.

Day 4-5: Any reason to include Fjällbacka? Unless you are a fan of Läckberg, there are other places just a nice and not as overrun by tourists.

Day 6: Strömstad is a good place to spend the night, but a very popular destination in the summer so book accomodation in advance. There are ferries from Strömstad to Sandefjord in Norway if you want to avoid Oslo, see for more information.

Day 7: You can park at the station in Flåm, but I'm not sure I understand your question about how it works. It's a parking lot, they tend to work in the same way everywhere. What do you want to see and do in the area? But if you want to leave the car parked somewhere for longer, avoid airport parkings, they tend to cost an arm and a leg. Flying to Lofoten for two days is not worth it in my opinion. Sure it's beautiful there, but Norway is stunning almost everywhere.

There is the Hurtigruten boats along the coast where you can bring your car as well. They will give you amazing views of the coast, but Lofoten is still far away. You could however take Hurtigruten to Ålesund and then drive south.

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Thanks for your help. Yes, this is a Volvo OSD with my own car. Volvo paid for the air tickets and the leg STO-GOT is included and they will be waiting for us in the GOT airport to take us to the hotel.
No specific reasons to include Fjallbacka. I added this because it seems to be in the route to Oslo. What is nice to see instead?
I will try to get the ferry in Stromstad to avoid Oslo. I think it will save me time and fuel. Thanks for the idea.
About Flam area: I am interested in the Flam rail and in the boat ride in the Fjord. Is it worth the cost and time? I think that I have to leave the car in the parking of the train station and have a round trip in the train or boat to get back to the car, right? Why the people take buses in this trip?
Is it possible to leave the Hurtigruten boats and take then again between places?
What do you think about the south roads in the direction to Pulpit Rock?
Thank you!!

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Yes, at rare occasions I have also helpful intentions :-)

Some close friends (little older than you) just bought a Volvo S60 a few weeks ago and they are really happy with the car. So, no rental car. Checkmark.

Be prepared for intensive driving in mountain and fjord area of Norway. This is not us highway lean back driving.

To be open I would do a large loop clockwise around the Hardangervidda with Flam and Oslo at the end because with a final drop date and time it is better to have just plain motorways at the end.

I would start after Strömstad with the mentioned ferry over to Sandefjord. Did that last year as part of my final long leg of NO18 tour (impressions). Sandejord was a whaling location in Norway - so visit the Hvalfangstmuseet to understand the local culture. From there you will have an easy access into the Rjukan - Skien route. Notodden is a nice place for a first night - the Brattrein Hotel is marvellous and one of the most scenic parking places with lake view for your new car.

After doing Heddal, scenic street 651 and Rjukan in the morning I recommend to use E134 direction to west. A scenic approach would be Lysebotn after a day (sleep there) and do a ferry ride with car through very scenic Lysefjord to Forsand. From there you will easily drive to Preikestolen Lodge to hike Pulpit in the late afternoon to have best evening light into the fjord. Stay at the lodge.

Next day drive scenic route Ryfylke (using street 520) and little detour to very impressive Langfossen. From Odda on you will be in the Hardangerfjord area. "Stroll" yourself through to Bergen (maybe via scenic ferry Kinsarvik - Urne) and spend an evening / night in Bergen and half of next day. If sun in the morning use Floibanen.

Drive on in the afternoon to Store Ringheim Hotel in Voss or Myrkdalen Hotel for night stay.

Drive Stalheimskleiva i the morning light to test your new brakes:-) If you have two days left before Flam (I did not count) you can make a detour via Gaularfjellet, Fjaerland and car ferry ride at high noon from Kaupanger to Gudvangen (good photo light). From there you will just drive by your own car to Flam and use the railway in the afternoon. If you sleep in Flam enjoy the Ægir Brewery & Pub in the evening.

Do Stegastein in the morning with perfect sun in the back and maybe complete Aurlandsfjell scenic route, visit Borgund, drive back through world's longest street tunnel (Lærdalstunnel) and use scenic street 50 to head on to Oslo.

Spend a day in Oslo and drive back to Gothenburg - with enough time stop at Tanumhede to see UNSECO world heritage rock carvings.

But that's only what I would do as someone who had traveled that area four times by car. The main advantage is that you reach good places at good day times.

Whatever you do: just enjoy it.

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You are awesome! Amazing!! Wonderful! Thank you so much!! I will do exactly like you said! Can I send you photos of the places I visited? I have no words to express my gratitude for your advice! Can’t be better that! Ever!

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Oh, me. I see it as a compliment :-)

Would love to see some pictures after your return.

Important: When you fixed the schedule with dates I recommend to pre-book the ferries because you have a car.

1) One of the two ferries through Lysefjord: Lysebotn to Forsand.
A) Kolumbus combi ferry:
B) Slow car ferry:

2) Ferry Kaupanger - Gudvangen.

Also do not forget to get a camera with a good zoom (e.g. Panasonic TZ series or similar from other providers); only smartphone snaps are really a waste of beauty.

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Sure! I would love to. Not sure how to upload photos here but I will find out. Thank you!!

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Sorry. It is a private message (pm) that forum members can send to each other. If you are logged in to forum you can see in the upper right corner that you have new / unread message.

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Flying Stockholm-Gothenburg still takes a long time compared to the train. And is stressful and cumbersome compared to the comfortable train.

Fjällbacka is nice, but there are several other cute villages along the coast. The drawback of Fjällbacka is that it has seen a surge in tourism due to Camilla Läckberg's novels that are set in the area. So I would choose a slightly less crowded place to visit (or if you like Nordic Noir, you could read a couple of her novels before the trip). Grebbestad, Klädesholmen and Hunnebostrand are a few suggestions.