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Help with complicated Norway fjord trip coming up in a week!!!

Hello! I would love some advice!

My family and I are starting our vacation on June 26 in Ålesund and are planning to drive down to Bergen via the towns listed below. I booked lodgings in each town, staying just one night in each except for Bergen (2 nights) and Oslo (3 nights).

  1. Ålesund (drive to Geiranger via the Troll road, stopping in Trollstigen) - it's going to be a long day!
  2. Geiranger we'll take the 9:30 am ferry to Hellesylt (we have a res.), then drive to Loen to take the tram, then drive to Sogndal
  3. Sogndal (drive to Aurland). Stop in Solvorn? It is north, so it may be out of the way? Then stop at Stegastein Viewpoint and Aurlandsvagen Viewpoint? Anyplace else?
  4. Aurland (drive to Bergen) Stop in Flam and Voss on the way
  5. Bergen (fly to Oslo - no time for the train)
  6. Oslo

Any advice on which roads to take and where to stop along each drive for hiking, sightseeing, and meals? Are there special stops/overlooks/hikes or things to do and see? Thank you!!!

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Instead of Jostedal you could explore Briksdalsbre which is somehow the same experience. The valley is very beautiful and not too long.

Did you consider to drive a different way from Geiranger, e. g. Sognefjell or Tindevegen? In this case you just use the ferry from Geiranger and back as pedestrian.

Recommendation: Also check the traffic map of Norway.

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I recommend trying to see at least one stave church as you're driving through Norway. I can vouch for the one in Borgund, and I know there's one in Vik, but others are scattered about. Some are more interesting than others. There's a good stave-church museum in Borgund.

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I drove something a little similar in the reverse last year. I also went late August and was told I just missed the tourist crowds. So, be sure you've planned in time to deal with more traffic and lines, like waiting for the Loen Skylift. I took the lift right right when it opened and spent about an hour enjoying all the views. It did start to get crowded after that and people were waiting in line to ride the lift (which I didn't have to do). Also, there was little traffic on Trollstigen and Stegastein when I drove them - but it will be much slower with more cars (needing to pull over to let buses go by, etc). I agree with others about the Stave church in Borgund - it was so beautiful and unique and well worth the side excursion for me. Are you going to take time to stop in Flam and enjoy the fjord? Seems a pity to go there and then not go on a fjord cruise - but then you need to plan time for that. I also really enjoyed the Flamsbana but seems you won't have time to do much - again because there will most likely be lots more people. If a cruise ship is docked in Flam - it'll be like a stirred up hornet's nest and lines for everything (I was there one day without a ship and it was fantastic - then the next day it was crazy when a huge ship docked). I made a stop at Bøyabreen Glacier on my drive from Kaupanger to Loen, and it's a shorter stop that is not far off the main road. There is a Stave church in Kaupanger - but not as impressive as the one in Borgund (and I did enjoy the history about the churches from the museum in Borgund). It's a beautiful drive, but hope you have time to stop and really enjoy!

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For Geiranger ferry would think you would want a reservation in advance. We went at end of May and not everyone in line got on our ferry.