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Help with 4 Day Fjord Itinerary between Bergen and Oslo

My wife and I will be spending 9 nights in Norway in late May (20-29th). We are arriving in Bergen from Boston ~10AM on Friday 5/20 and departing Oslo around lunchtime on the 29th.

We love to explore cities but aren't big museum people. We like to walk around, sit in parks people watching, sample food and drink and get the feel for the neighborhoods. We also love nature and usually build in slower paced spots into our trips.

So, my initial itinerary is something along the lines of

Friday -> Sunday, Bergen
Monday Morning -> Friday Morning, Fjord Country
Friday Lunchtime -> Sunday Lunchtime, Oslo

The longer time in Bergen vs Oslo was because Friday we will be in zombie jet lag mode and it seemed like there may be more interesting half-day hike / trips we can do from there.

The real thing I am trying to figure out is the four days in the middle. Essentially I think we want to do a "4 day Norway in a Nutshell" instead of the 1/2 day I see frequently discussed. During this time we would like to see the Scenery, fjord cruise, do some light hiking, and relax in a beautiful place.

While she is perfectly fine being active in the day, my wife isn't the biggest fan of sleeping in different locations each night, so my thought was to find 2 locations where we can spend two nights each. After reading a guidebook cover to cover I am struggling to figure out which 2 locations make the most sense. We are open to train, ferry or bus travel or even renting a car if it made more sense.. although we wouldn't be making a loop so it seems expensive.

Some of the places that I have found that seem intriguing for these 2 night stays are Aurland and Balastrand in the Geirangerfjord area as well as Eldfjord, Ulvik and Utne in the Hardangerfjord area.

Would it make sense to try and do one spot on each Fjord or are they similar enough that we would be wasting time traveling? Any thoughts on advantages or disadvantages to these places for a stay? Other places I missed entirely?

I had also considered Lom as a more mountainous stop but I think in late May it is still to early to really take advantage of johuntenheim park? On a simiilar note, is the weather similar in the G-Fjord and H-Fjord areas in May? Guide book stats make H-Fjord seem much more prone to rain but not sure how true that is..

Sorry for so many questions, as you can probably tell my head is spinning :)

Thanks very much!

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How about two nights in Balestrand and then two nights in Geilo? That way you get a mix of fjords and mountains. Not all the hiking trails will be open, but some will be. The weather is very unpredictable in Norway, so it could easily be sunny and beautiful or pour rain every day. Pack lots of not-cotton layers, sturdy shoes and not-cotton socks, waterproof jacket and pants and you'll be prepared.

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Thanks for the advice! I have been looking at something like 2 nights in Balestrand (or Aurland or even Solvorn... more undecided here!) and then 2 nights in Eidfjord because it is on the edge of the mountains (with GIelo on the other end of the plateau)... Does anyone know if the route over the plateau RV7 between Eidfjord and Gielo would typically be open in late May? I assume so but can't find much beyond "can close suddenly due to snow".

The one advantage of being from New England is being used to the old cliche "if you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes" so we should have a diverse set of layers. Unfortunately this time of year seems hard to pack light :)

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Awesome, thanks! If we ended up on this route we would likely have rented a car but the fact that the bus is running on May 1st makes it seem like May 26th or so should be quite fine for driving the route across the plateau, thanks again.

Now to lock in that itinerary - does anyone have guidance on bergen vs oslo in terms of time spent? I see a lot of posts related to that but most of them are only doing the NiN between. Right now we are planning 3 days in Bergen and 2 in Oslo... Bergen seems like it has more to do in terms of nature day trips but given that we will have 4 days dedicated to the Fjords maybe we should switch it and spend the "extra' night in Oslo instead (2 days Bergen 3 days Oslo)? It is hard to get a feel for how large the "walkable" areas of interest are in each city, is Bergen so small you can walk the highlights in 1 day?

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We did 2 nights in Aurland and I in Balestrand, both are great little towns. I would not stay 4 nights in one spot when the a lot of transportation is by ferry which is more limited, We did find the bus from Aurland handy to get to places.