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HELP Flam or Balestrand to Gerianger

Traveling around Scandanavia...coming to Norway from Denmark. Wanted to do Pulpits hike so we are flying into Stavanger instead of Oslo (to save time etc.). We were going to spend two days there then take the bus to Bergen (Goes over a few ferries/takes 5ish hours). Was going to spend a few days there (ice hike, via Ferrata, old Bergen) then go via Myrdal to Flam. In Flam we were going to do the rib boat to explore Naeoyfjord. Then quick boat to Balestrand where we'd rent a car and drive north to Geiranger and then Alesund and fly back to Oslo for a few days there then on to Iceland. I am totally stumped on getting from Balestrand to Geiranger - renting a car seems incredibly expensive $100 a day & $300 drop off fees. I can't believe this is the case, other people must do this yes? Any ideas? Any idea where is the closest ice hike to a major area (Bergen, Balestrand, Geiranger)

Also we will see Lysefjord (on way to Pulpits rock) and Naeoyfjord (while in Flam) am I being ridiculous making such effort to get to Geiranger - Im beginning to reconsider because by that point will all of the fjords look alike? We could go back from Flam to Oslo and call it a trip...any thoughts on if we are REALLY missing something special if we just see Lysefjord and Naeoyfjord and not Geiranger?

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I agree that the rental car price is outrageous...that, combined with the cost of gas in Norway(!!!$$$), will be very expensive. Have you considered taking the bus from Balestrand to Alesund, renting a car there, and then driving out to Geiranger? That would cost a great deal less. You would then be able to drive out to Hellesylt, take the car ferry through the Geirangerfjord, drive the Trollstigen Road over the pass, and then back to Alesund. This is easily done in either a very long day or two days, spending the night somewhere between Geiranger and Andalsnes, depending on how much time you want to spend in each place along the way.
I have been to many of the fjords in Norway and personally think that the Geirangerfjord is definitely worth the's much larger than most others and that, combined with the INCREDIBLE drive up and over the Trollstigen Road, make it a must see IMHO.
As far as an ice hike goes, it will vary from season to season. Last time we were in Norway, two summers ago, the ice and snow were still thick on the mountains in July and everyone was in a tizzy because they wanted to hike and couldn't! Some years, though, there isn't as much snow and it all melts sooner. There are quite a few companies who run glacier hikes if that is what you are talking about - if you just google it you can find several for whichever are you like...I personally would go with one up north...the landscape becomes more spectacular the further north you get.
Have you looked at the Norwegian Trekking Association website? They have a lot of information about hiking in Norway and would be a good place to start as well.