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Has anyone hired a guide or driver in Bergen?

I'm arriving in Bergen in June and one of the places I want to see is Telavaag on the coast. There is a bus out there, but it's hit and miss if I don't get the times right for return. I wonder about hiring someone to drive me out to the museum there. This village is a major WWII site that I've written about in my novels and I really have to see it in person and visit with the curator there.
It may well be worth the cost to hire someone. I don't plan to rent a car.

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Not sure what you mean by hit and miss, there are a few buses to choose from on the way back. They are not that frequent, but will sure do the job.

Of course you can hire someone to drive you there, but it won't be cheap.

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I hope you'll report on your experience later. I really, really wanted to go there myself, but it wasn't the only thing of interest to me in/near Bergen, and in the end I didn't attempt it. I think the cost of a taxi will be very high, but in your situation, I can understand that it's a "must".