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Has anyone been to Alesund Norway?

We are booked on a cruise which takes in both Bergen and Alesund Norway.

Also, if anyone has sailed along the Norweigian coast between these cities...can you see any fjords from the coast or do you have to go "inland" from the coast?
Does anyone know what kind of weather to expect in late september in these cities?

Thanks for your help!

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Never a cruise, but speaking from buzzing up and down the coast low-level in a helicopter: you can see 'in' them if they're not blocked by islands but not 'up' them very far. I've no idea how far offshore the ships are. I've seen cruise ships into the mouths of fiords and a couple of times pretty well inside.

Maybe forty to seventy and you're into the start of the rainy season.

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We haven't done the coastal cruise. We just dream about it.

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I took the Hurtigruten overnight from Bergen to Alesund in June. At that time of year it never gets dark so the coastline is visible the whole way. The coast is riddled with inlets and fjords but it's impossible to distinguish which is which without entering them. Here's a map link

Some cruises include a fjord such as Geiranger Fjord near Alesund.