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Gudvangen to Voss Connections

We're trying to do a two-day trip from Oslo-Myrdal-Flam-Gudvangen-Voss-Oslo. We will arrive in Flam either at 12:54 or 14:11, so the only ferry available (per the European Rail Timetable) leaves at 15:00. However, in Rick's Norway book he indicated he preferred the other company's (Lustrabaatane) ferry, and I agreed it sounded much better. BUT, it doesn't arrive until 18:00 or so, and that's too late for the 950 bus to Voss. We need to stay in Voss that night to make it work. I can't find any taxi service in Gudvangen, which may be just as well for my bank account! Unless someone has a better idea,🤞 I guess we are forced to take the other company's boat to ensure the bus connection.

I don't run Lustrabaatane, but if I did I would certainly try to change the schedule to arrive in Gudvangen ahead of the other ferry, but they probably don't have the option of doing so. They're not even listed in the European Rail Timetable, as far as I can see.

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