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Gudvangen's Norway in a Nutshell buses

Hi All,

I need to verify some stuffs in regards to Gudvangen's NIN buses. please kindly give correction if the info i gather is wrong as the transportation website is a bit unclear to me.
I will be travelling to Gudvangen either on Friday, 16th of June or Saturday, 17th of June 2017.
'1. There are 2 buses serving the Gudvangen - Voss route, the scenic Stalheim 950 local bus and express 4500 buses.
Last bus for the local scenic 950bus on the time of my visit is at 5.45pm departs from both Gudvangen Kai & Gudvangen E16 stops.
Last bus for the express 4500bus is at 7.07pm ; previous express bus is at 4.36pm. All express buses ONLY departs from Gudvangen E16 bus stop.

'2. Does all the express 4500bus could continue until Bergen? Is there any other local bus that also has direct route Gudvangen - Bergen?

'3. Timewise, is it better just to take the express bus all the way to Bergen or better change to train at Voss? I've checked the total price and travelling time and both methods should be the same but perhaps there could be more delays with the bus?

'4. How much is the fare for the local scenic bus 950 as local fare zone applies from Gudvangen - Voss? I want to calculate and compare with the express bus fare as everything in Norway is very expensive and adds up.
The express bus 4500 fare Gudvangen - Voss info i got is is NOK116 on 16th June and NOK106 on 17th of June

'5. The scenic local bus does not do any photostop any longer. Is it still worth it timewise and pricewise ?

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Sorry I dont have an answer to your question but I have a question I hope you can help with. We want to take the scenic bus from Voss to Gudvangen (looks like from your question it is the 950) we can't find a website to confirm the times/routes. Do you have one? or info on the bus.

Thank you and good luck