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Gudvangen boat - bus connection

I'm doing NIN in my own terms this summer and I plan to take the Nærøyfjord cruise on Saturday June 27th arriving Gudvangen at 17:45 and then take the 17:45 bus to Voss. In his book, RS says that for NIN connections if any segment of the journey is delayed the transportation for the next segment will wait. I would like to confirm this is the case for the connections above. Doing a dummy booking in the NIN website, the Oslo-Bergen trip includes a Flåm-Gudvangen boat that arrives Gudvangen at 17:30 and then the 17:45 bus to Voss, so technically the 17:45 bus is not the NIN connection to the boat that arrives at 17:45 (it is the connection for the bus that arrives at 17:30). Plus, the 17:45 bus doesn't have to wait since it would have all the passengers from the prior boat (just 15 minutes before) since there are no other buses in between.
So my question is, can I assume the 17:45 bus will wait if the boat is delayed? Even if not delayed, I have a zero minute window so I could still loose it if I don't find the bus stop right away or if it is even at a short distance... And, could the bus get full since taking passengers from two boat tours? It's the last bus to Voss on that day, so if I miss it, I'm screwed. Unfortunately, the boat that arrives at 17:45 is the only one that would allow me to do all the sightings I want to cover.
Thanks in advance for any advise!

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I was on the NIN trip last week. I bought my tickets thru The bus to Voss was part of the trip. The bus waits on the boat. Due to the amount of passengers from the boat a second bus was available to carry us to Voss. The ride to Voss was very scenic involving multiple hairpin turns. I hope this answers your questions.

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Thanks Richard. This gives me some comfort although your situation was different since your connections were booked as part of NIN (i.e. as part of a package with Fjord Tours).