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Gluten Free in Bergen

We ate at Hot Wok, Vestre Torgatten 1. It was good (would have liked more spice- I live in New Mexico.) Staff was helpful with options, menu was labeled. Very good value, and we had been craving vegetables. We ended up having dessert at the sandwich place across the street, Brod something. They had REALLY delicious, fresh gf brownies, and you can also get a gf sandwich made to order there. They close early, around 5:00.

We were disappointed in the picnic food places the RS guidebook. But we found a wonderful deli section in a grocery store in the basement of Galleriet. The staff was very helpful in assisting me in finding out if any questionable items were gf. We needed food to carry along on a day- long tour. We got great Greek-style salads and smoked halibut. It was very tasty, but we did not realize it wasn’t a fillet until that evening.

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Sheila, thank you for the reports. We’re going in September. A couple questions -

Was spice - chili seasoning or hot sauce, (or even pepper or paprika) available for the asking?

What were you expecting, rather than a smoked halibut fillet?

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You are most welcome, Cyn. Extra spice may have been available, I didn’t ask. We actually ordered a third entre to split, stir-fried vegetables with garlic and ginger- pretty mild. I think this restaurant probably caters to Norwegian locals, who aren’t as into spice.

The deli had lots of smoked fish options. We actually chose halibut as the cheerful young man suggested it- it was his favorite. It was quite good, and my husband deboned it the night before, so all was good. We also asked that our food be put in the plastic containers we could easily take on a day tour, which was really helpful. We just got back from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Oslo and Bergen, so I am posting about GF options for all those places, as I sure wish someone had done that for me. Have a great trip!

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Sheila - the bakery place in Bergen - was it maybe Godt Brød? I don't eat GF, but they are a bakery that seems to take care with their ingredients, so they seem like it might be them ? (To help people who may look for it from your recommendation)