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Food opportunities on NIN trip.

Our 11 person family group including 2 hungry teenagers is taking the NIN from Bergen to Flam one day, and 2 days later from Flam to Oslo. The first leg is from 8:30 am to 2 pm in Flam. The next leg is 9 am til 3 pm Oslo. It appears no food service is available on these transports. Can we buy prepared food along in the short station stops, or do hungry people just bring food on board?

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The boat, if I remember correctly, has a snack bar.

Except for Myrdal, the stops are not long enough to get food. Bring your own.

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We are doing this same trip next week. I figure it will be easy to pick up some food before leaving Bergen, perhaps some hearty breakfast items and then have lunch in Flam, or possibly buy on the boat. From what I have researched, there is a bakery/cafe very close to the train station in Flam (almost next to it). My plan is to buy some sandwiches there and eat them on the train from Myrdal to Oslo. Although, as mentioned, sounds like there is food to purchase on the main train (but not the Flamsbana).