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Food Allergies

Hello fellow travelers! I have a family vacation planned for Norway and Sweden next month. It’s always difficult to travel with someone who has food allergies. I’ve been through Europe many times and seldom see peanuts. I noticed that Scandinavians like their baked goods. Are peanuts common in Sweden and Norway? We will have all the medicines on hand but I thought I should ask.

Thanks and keep on traveling!

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I do not get the question. So, allergy against peanuts is the issue?

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Not sure I understand the question, either, but if someone in your party has food allergies, it's important to note a couple of points -

1 - Does this person travel with the appropriate meds?

2 - Is this an airborne allergy or contact allergy?

I have certain food sensitivities. I can live if something touches my food, although I'll require meds to help after the fact. Some people literally can't live with that. How serious is the allergy & do you have the appropriate medical coverage/medical evac insurance in place in case there is a life-threatening situation?