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Folk Museum in Olso, and Oslo Card value

Often there are attractions that are lite versions of a country located near its capital for quickie-visit tourists to see what the country has to offer without actually going to the countryside. Is the Folk Museum in Oslo (officially called The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in English for some reason) one of those places? If we will have already seen stav churches and barns in authentic settings around Norway, then is the Folk Museum something that can be missed?

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When do you go? We will be in Oslo in July and are planning on going to this museum so I could let you know. I hear its good and the Viking ship museum and Kon-Tiki museum are all next to each other so we are just going to hit them all.

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Before then.

The Copenhagen Card was an obvious value for our lodging location and desired attractions. For Stockholm we have decided to get the transit pass and not the Stockholm Pass since we have a longer stay and don't need to cram attractions in, and these cards usually don't have much value for those who don't cram (except the Copenhagen Card). But I'm having trouble with the math for Oslo. So many attractions in Oslo are free for under 18 (or under 19), yet the Oslo Card is NOT discounted for ages 16-18, thus clearly the Oslo Card is a rip-off for that age group, so inclined to just get transit passes as in Stockholm but would like to rough out a draft balance sheet anyway.

The Folk Museum has a family ticket instead of free for ages 16-18, which complicates things, and it is not defined so seems to apply to any family members of any ages.

If the balance sheet shows a savings, will then have to split up the family, adults with Oslo Cards with the 16-18 year olds just with transit passes, a little confusing. Another option is since there is a 24 hour card, it could be split up into 2 days, staring noon one day then trying to get admission to the last attraction by noon the next day, then paying for the tram home after the card expires.

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We spent 5 days in Oslo including the outdoor Folk Museum and then went touring the countryside The Museum has a restored stave church and a large number of authentic traditional houses and barns from around Norway. We only tried to see other stave churches in the countryside, we did not spend any time looking for traditional barns or houses. I don't recall simply coming across very many traditional houses or barns in our wanderings. Norway is a very wealthy country now and I personally doubt many of the old farm and rural structures were retained, except as historical oddities. Going to an ancient church once in a blue moon is one thing, but who wants to live in a hovel these days? Perhaps looking on one of the many Norwegian tourist-oriented web sites may give you a clue as to whether you will go by such buildings or not. The nice thing about the Museum is it's all in one place plus you can go on docent-led tours that provide some details and context for the architecture, etc. The Museum also has demos of folk dancing, music, etc, that you might not "run into" out in the country. IMO the Museum was "worth it" for us. YMMV. Have a great trip.

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The Museum also has demos of folk dancing, music, etc

I can see that kind of thing at home

But I suppose it's different in-country. We will have toured the Borgund Stavkirke already which is the most famous. We will also have seen family heritage farms which I hear have some traditional structures. This is all sounding kind of snotty, mostly I really don't want to bore the children with "we've already seen this" stuff, esp in an artificial setting, at extra cost.

Did you get the Oslo Card?