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Flying from Bergen to U.S. via Oslo

I will be traveling to Scandinavia in May 2015, returning on June 7th. Our last stop will be in Bergen, so we booked a flight from Bergen to Los Angeles with a connection in Oslo. We booked the least expensive flight, foolishly not considering the layover time. We have a 1 hour 20 minute layover, and from what I've read about the Oslo airport, getting from one flight to the next can be a hassle. I have found information on arriving in Oslo from an international destination and connecting to another airport in Norway, and I have found information on domestic-domestic, and some VERY vague information about international-international. But, I have NOT found any information, even from the airport's website, about whether or not I will have to go through security again if I arrive via domestic flight and transfer to an international flight. Does anyone have any experience with this? Will I have to go through security/customs again? According to Norwegian Air, the bags will be transferred directly from Bergen to LA, suggesting that I will not have to go through the baggage claim or have to check in again. Is this true? How possible is it that I will be able to make my flight from Oslo -> LA with an 80 minute layover?

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Assuming you are on one ticket (which it sounds like), your bag will be checked through. You will go through passport control since you will be exiting Schengen. If your first leg arrives on time, 80 minutes should be fine.

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First, since they offered the 80 minute connection , then it should be okay. Here is a thread from Flyertalk about your transfer: Also, SAS gives 60 minutes as their minimum connection time at Oslo for your connection, so 80 should be fine.

Second, I see on Norwegian Air that you could have booked one of several earlier flights from Bergen connecting to the same LAX flight, with longer connection times, for the same price. Did you just do this today so that you are within the allowed time frame to make a cancellation without a surcharge?

Third, check on Skytrax for reviews of NAS, in particular their transatlantic fights via Dreramliner. Odds are that your flight to LAX will run in to serious delays.

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Thanks, I will look into those links. Yes, I did realize after the fact that there were other flights offered at the same price that day (for whatever reason, the later flight showed up first in the search, so I selected it without scrolling down thinking it was the earliest and least expensive option...again, foolish mistake). I booked the flight late last night so by the time I realized it this morning, it was past the 4-hour cancellation time and when I tried to make changes, it would charge me an additional 125 per person (there are four of us, so that would not be ideal). I did make seat arrangements so that we are in the very front of our flight from Bergen and will not have to wait too long to exit the plane.

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Oslo Airport is extremely efficient, rarely crowded and really fancy compared to U.S. airports. You won't have any trouble with that layover. You will go through some kind of security at the transfer area, then simply walk across the terminal, through the automatic doors to international, through the little shopping mall, to the end of the departure hall where you get your passport stamped to get to your gate for the non-Schengen flights. Here's the info from the airport: