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Flat white coffee in Norway


I will be in Norway (Oslo-Bergen-Alesund-Trondheim) for two weeks in May 2020. Asan Australian I love a flat white coffee (espresso with micro foam served in a 200ml cup). What sort of coffee should I ask for in a cafe to get this.

A flat white is not the same as a cappuccino - it has less foam. Or the same as a latte - it has less milk. Or a macchiato - it has more milk.

Any suggestions welcome

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The only place to get a true Flat White is your favorite coffee shop in Australia. The Starbucks version is ... well, more a cappuccino. I have not seen anything even called a flat white in Europe (but didn't really go looking for one either).

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We had no difficulty getting flat whites in Prague and Antwerp last year so I had been hoping they had made their way to Norway.

In desperation in the US once (where the only decent coffee we found was at MOMA in New York), I did go to a Starbucks - never again - I'm not sure what I had but it didn't taste like a real coffee. So I won't be on the lookout for a Starbucks.

I'm usually not a fussy coffee drinker, but that might be because I am surrounded by great coffee in Australia. I guess it will all be part of the journey.

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Norwegians are coffee junkies. In Oslo and some towns you will find these Schicki-Mickis such as FLat White but do not hesitate to try a regular coffee - just black.

If you are in Tromso try Kaffebonna.

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If you're a coffee connoisseur then you will adore Oslo! The coffee culture there is unique - tiny little 3-4 table shops that roast their own beans and have individual styles. My favorite is Tim Wendelboe - some of the best coffee I've had in my entire life. No idea if they have a flat white but you may find something you like even better!

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Hi Anita, we will definitely try out Tim Wendelboe as we are staying in Grunerlokka! Looks like it will be a short walk across the park. Thanks for the suggestion.