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Flamsbana sold out - help!

Hi! I booked the train from Oslo to Myrdal on That website said it couldn’t sell me the Myrdal to Flam route because they have a limited amount of tickets for that route (and they were sold out) and Norway Best has most of them. I went to Norway best at it says they are sold out too (at the times I would need in order to make the last Flam -gudvangen ferry of the day).

Rick Steve’s’ book said to reserve train 4-5 weeks in advance so I did that. It also said the flamsbana rarely sells out- that the people in Oslo may say it’s sold out but to get to Myrdal anyway and then you can buy a ticket there in Myrdal?
What are the chances of this still working? I don’t want to be stranded in Myrdal. Help!

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Large cruise ship in port (list)? Then no chance and may be spend a night in Myrdal?

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If Vy says the train is sold out, it means that it is sold out. Vy is the company that runs the train after all.

But are you sure they are sold out and not just haven't gone on sale yet.

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Yes, I contacted Vy about the specific date and they said it sold out.

Are there car rental companies in Myrdal? Or any other way to get to flam besides the flamsbana train? A bus? Taxi?

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There is no road all the way up the valley to Myrdal- it ends about 2/3 of the way up the valley, so a road based alternative is a no, no.

The option I suppose is to continue on the train to Voss, and catch the bus #450 to Flam. You would need to look at the Vy website to obtain timings.

My belief from personal experience several times is that you can always buy a ticket locally, as the train also serves the people in the local settlements down the valley. Part of a train car being kept for the local traffic- HOWEVER I have not done that from Myrdal, but up and down valley from the small halt stations along the valley- on days when the trains are otherwise full from cruise traffic. Flam station will tell you "all trains full" but walk up to the 1st station outside Flam and you can board the locals car and pay the conductor!!

So I believe Rick in this case.

My big problem is that I wouldn't want you to get to Myrdal and find it was the same situation as I have described at Flam, where they tell slight porkie pies, and you ended up stuck with no alternative.

So I think look at the Voss alternative, and see if that works.

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This is another alternative - not sure how it works into your larger itinerary: You can continue on the train from Myrdal to Voss by either changing your original train ticket or purchasing that extra segment. At Voss take the bus or a taxi to Gudvangen and then do the ferry ride from Gudvangen to Flam instead of the other way around. You could then try booking the Flamsbana from Flam to Myrdal in order to pick up the scenic train ride. The tour companies will bus you from Flam to Gudvangen or from Gudvangen to Flam, depending where you are wanting to start/end your Naeroyfjord Cruise. Hope this helps, I had to end up booking something like this for my upcoming trip.

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I was going to suggest the same route Brooke did. All the transportation runs in both directions, so if the timing works, you can travel Oslo-Voss-Gudvangen-Flam-Myrdal. When I was researching the Nutshell route for my 2022 trip, I formed the impression the segments of the route fit together a bit better (less layover time) going in the direction you originally planned, but running the trip backward seemed doable.