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Flamsbana ride down from Myrdal: 15 minutes enough at the top?

My cruise in July, 2014 stops at Flam and we are planning to do Counterclockwise Route in Rick Steves' "Northern European Cruise Ports" book, page 758. When I checked this year's times, the train from Voss arrives at 14:28 and then Flamsbana train leaves at 14:43. This gives us only 15 minutes up there, where I heard the view is incredible. Is 15 minutes enough time to enjoy at the top? The book's 2013 times were a lot better (43 minutes at the top).

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From your description of a c'clockwise route including Voss, it appears that you are thinking of the Voss-Myrdal-Flåm-Gudvangen-Voss route:

The Nutshell tour in my opinion is more about the journey than the destination. We had done the full Nutshell Oslo to Bergen and return following the usual route a number of years ago. Our stop at Myrdal was momentary in that the Flam train was waiting our arriving train and departed downhill as soon as everyone scurried across the platform.

As said, the tour is about the journey and absorbing the scenery as the various modes (train, boat, bus) carry you through Norway's scenic setting. What you see at the Myrdal stop you will be seeing from the train on its journey from Voss except that you will "feel" the Hardangervidda through the amount of time passing as the train takes you across the plateau.

The only better ways to experience the Hardangervidda is to ski the plateau in the winter-spring or walk it during the summer.

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It's a pretty full day and the schedule is not offering you the choice to spend an hour and catch the next one. I would go ahead and book that plan, especially based on the advice, above, that you will continue to see the good stuff from the train.