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Flam to Gudvangen: confused about "roundtrip"

Rick's newest Scandinavia talks about several ways to cruise the Norway in a Nutshell route (see below). I'm not clear on whether the Fjord 1 ferry is a "4.5-hour round-trip" or whether "the cruise ends in Gudvangen."


There are several ways to cruise it: You can take the Fjord 1 ferry, described earlier as part of the Norway in a Nutshell trip (4.5-hour round-trips departing Flåm in peak season at 9: 00, 11: 00, and 13: 20, 400 kr; these should also stop in Aurland and Undredal— make sure the crew knows that you want to get off, and that the cruise ends in Gudvangen).

Steves, Rick (2015-06-23). Rick Steves Scandinavia (Kindle Locations 6038-6040). Avalon Travel. Kindle Edition.

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The ferry ends in Gudvangen. If you're doing the traditional Oslo - Bergen with the Nutshell tour, you'll connect in Gudvangen with a bus back to the train and continue onwards to Bergen. Here's the website with the tourist boat offerings without the train Oslo to Bergen if you were looking for a roundtrip back to Flåm, which would be boat one way and bus back:

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The text you quote is from the Flåm section, and indicates that you can take the boat back again to Flåm, if you're just day-tripping from there. But if you're following along the Nutshell route (earlier pages of the book), then you would continue by bus and train from Gudvangen.

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We took the Norway in a Nutshell tour last week, and the weather was unusually fantastic for September. We took the train to Myrdal and a 1 hr. scenic train that went down to Flåm. After an hour, we got on a tour boat that took us thru the fjords to Bergen at about 45 mph.

The scenery on the short train ride was far better than anything we saw on the fast tour boat. I really would have like to have taken the train back up to Myrdal and taken the train into Bergen.