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Flam to Borgund Stave Church

Hi - Any advice on how to get from Flam to the Borgund Stave Church? We will be taking Norway in a Nutshell in late June, leaving Oslo in the morning and arriving mid-afternoon in Flam, where we will stop for one night so that we can visit the area before leaving on the Naeroyfjord boat tour the next morning. I have checked the bus schedules, and the only daily bus to the church departs 3+ hours before we arrive (or bus from Flam to Laerdal would get us to the church as it is closing). A taxi is available but very expensive. We'd rather not rent a car (prefer not to drive on unfamiliar mountainous roads). We would love to hire a private driver for a few hours -- someone who could meet us at the train, take us through the Laerdal tunnel to the church, perhaps stop in Laerdal to look around on the way back, and return to Aurland or Flam, where we will spend the night. Suggestions much appreciated!

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Sorry, I don't have any line on private drivers, separate from taxis, and only drove myself in Norway. It sounds like you have done the relevant research already, but you might email If you're going to Bergen, it could be easier to see the Fantoft Stave Church there, which was rebuilt following a fire.