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Flam motorboat rental experience?


Has anyone rented a motorboat in Flam? It looks like the Flam Marina rents them on an hourly basis.

The idea is to use it to go see some of the waterfalls / scenery in the area on the fjord, after arriving on the NIN ferry in the evening in mid-May. People have raved about the fjord safari, but we don't get in until after their last trip. This would be our makeshift (and possibly romantic) substitute.=)

I'm thinking about two issues, and there may be more!
1) I can't find a good map of the area, and don't know if we can just navigate by sight to interesting views.
2) I don't have a sense of whether the motorboat will be fast enough to go enough distance to see much of the fjord.

Anyone who has done motorboating in Flam?

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