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Flam - Gudvangen ferry

Hi All,

I'd like to take the ferry from Flam - Gudvangen with stopover for few hours at Undredal. Could we buy 1 ticket Flam-Gudvangen ferry or have to buy 2 separate ferry tickets, Flam - Undredal then Undredal-Gudvangen?
I read that we could request to make a stopover at Undredal and turn on blinking light from Undredal for the ferry to pick us back.

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The Visit Undredal TI may be your best source of information. Try asking the local TI:
5746 Undredal
Telefon : +47 5763 3080

It's been years since I did the ferry but have a vivid recollection of the ferry diverting to a local village to pick up a passenger with a bike.

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Hi Edgar,

thank You for the response. I've gotten reply from that email. She says no hop on and off system so I need to buy 2 separate tickets but i could keep blinking on the light despite of the ferry's fixed schedule perhaps to keep the tradition alive :)

it stops at Styvi and Drydal mostly picking up hikers, walkers and bikers