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Fjord trip from Oslo with 'older' guest - is NiN best option?

My 80 year old mother and I would like to explore the fjords of Norway, leaving from, and returning to, Oslo. I've read about NiN but am a bit cautious of the "un-escorted" nature of this trip. She has some mobility issues and I worry that there won't be time allowances for the slower folk. Can anyone speak to this?

And in general is the NiN the best way to maximize seeing the fjords (if so is there one company that's better than others)? We need to start/end in Oslo and love the train idea, but we also want to spend as much time on the water as we can. We have about 6 days to spend, any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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The NiN is just a train ride over to Flam. Then you get out of the train and get on another train that takes a 1 hr. ride down into the fjords. You'll take a fast ferry out to Bergen It's not a very taxing day physically--other than being a full day. .

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I will beg to differ that the NiN is JUST a train ride to Flam. the NiN is a multimode cross section tour of southern Norway starting with the Bergen Line Railway that follows a river valley then ascends the Hardangervidda (plateau) to Myrdal. Cross the platform to the Flåm Railway and descend to sea level (actually fjord level). Then hop on a boat for a ride through narrow fjords to continue on a bus to Voss. You finish with a regional train from Voss to Bergen on the western coast of Norway. You can overnight along the route. Or you finish the NiN in a single day ending in Bergen and return to Oslo via the return Bergen Line. But I would spend at least a night on the route to Bergen and a day or two in Bergen before returning to Oslo.

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And in general is the NiN the best way to maximize seeing the fjords

For me a clear no, because some of the best fjords cannot be reached by train (compared to car). Examples:

  • Geirangerfjord
  • Lysefjord
  • Hjorundfjord
  • Sorfjord
  • Eidfjord

From Flam you can take a boat tour through Naeroyfjord which is a beautiful one but you will not see a lot of other nice places.

Fjord experiences is to me also looking over a fjord from a mountain / fjell. This is a reason why a lot of the scenic routes in Fjord Norway lead over mountain passes. Also most beautiful waterfalls cannot be approached by train.

Example: Close to Flam you can find amazing scenic view Stegastein which is even accessible for very handicapped persons. It can be reached by car (taxi) or by bus, not by train.

My ultimate tip: Do not use Oslo as airport, use Bergen as starting point. Do a short round trip or a train ride to / from Flam and after that use Hurtigruten (on summer sailing plan) from Bergen to Trondheim, then fly out via Oslo. The ship will drive into Geirangerfjord for one day which is an amazing experience and a fully comfortable way of transport for your mother.