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Fjord tour suggestions?

Hello! I am trying to decide which fjord tour my mother and I should take in August. We don't want to be hauling our luggage around all day and feeling rushed so it sounds like the Norway in a Nutshell should be ruled out. What are some other fjord tours that are pretty spectacular and not as rushed. Has anyone been on the Geirangerfjord or Sognefjord fjord tours?

We are staying in Oslo on August 25-27th but I have left the rest of the trip more flexible in terms of whether we go directly towards Bergen or go somewhere else and then end up back to our hotel in Oslo or possibly book a hotel in Bergen and make that our end spot?

Thanks for any thoughts and recommendations!

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Hi Seattle,

If you are travling from Oslo to Bergen, the Norway-in-a-Nutshell tour makes the most logistical sense. I've done this trip a few times and although it's a long day, I never felt rushed. You will have to haul your luggage when you change modes of transport (train-cogwheel train-boat-bus-train), but this is spread out over the course of a day and shouldn't be a problem if you pack light. If you want to break this trip up, you could consider spending a night or two in the fjord. For just one night, I'd stay in Aurland. With 2 or 3 nights, I'd stay in Balestrand. With either option, you can do the Nutshell trip in 2 parts: 1 day from Oslo to the fjord, the next day, the 2nd half of the nutshell on to Bergen. If you stay in Balestrand, you could take the Express boat to Bergen (4 hours). See for details and booking. If you do the Balestrand option, you would book the trip as Sognefjord-in-a-Nutshell.

If you plan on taking the Hurtigruten boat from Bergen up north to Harstad, then you could stop in the Geirangerfjord for a day or two along the way and do a fjord cruise there. You would just need to book the Hurtigruten in 2 parts: Bergen-Geiranger, then Geiranger-Harstad a day or two later. Click here for details on the Geirangerfjord.