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First Scandinavian Trip - 11 days - Itinerary Feedback

My wife and I along with my brother and his wife are going to Norway in May and would we would like to fit in as much as possible without feeling rushed. The below itinerary is what I'm thinking. Is this too much for 11 days? Anything we should cut out? I planned for travel during the night to maximize our time. We fly in and out of Olso.

May 16 Oslo -- Arrive 4:20pm.
May 17 Oslo -- Norway Day!
May 18 Oslo/Stockholm -- ** PM Flight to Stockholm
May 19 Stockholm
May 20 Stockholm/Copenhagen -- ** PM sleeper train to Copenhagen
May 21 Copenhagen
May 22 Copenhagen
May 23 Copenhagen/Bergen -- ** PM flight to Bergen
May 24 Bergen
May 25 Bergen
May 26 Bergen/Oslo -- ** AM Train to Oslo (NiN)
May 27 Oslo
May 28 Oslo -- Depart in AM

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I miss criteria such as your interests or what you want to see / experience to give a qualified feedback.

And very likely you are too much rushing through. A city like Stockholm in 1 full day is - sorry - ridiculous.

What you seem to do is a typical tourist mistake in Scnadinavia: city hopping. Scandinavia is more nature experience, especially Norway. You neither have fjords or Lofoten included. With such a plan you will not seen Scandinavia.

If you would not have mentioned Bergen you could easily say that you have never been to Norway - even staying two nights in Oslo.

Another example: No wish to experiene midnight sun in late May? Just an example of midnight sun from June 2016 at North Cape.

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I agree with Markk, Scandinavia and especially Norway is much more about nature than cities. If you really want to see the capitals, I would say that 3 days each for Stockholm and Copenhagen is needed and 2 days for Oslo, which is not that interesting in ny opinion.
Also I dont understand why you have allocated days for Oslo in both the beginning and end of your trip.
And your idea to travel during the night only really works for the train between Stockholm and Copenhagen or if you decide to take the DFDS overnight ferry between Oslo and Copenhagen.