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Ferry to Geiranger in October

My husband and I want to go to Geirangerfjord from Oslo. Is flying into Alesund the best way? We will arrive on Saturday October 8 and have to be at the airport in Oslo by Sunday October 10, 6am. We will probably have to sleep at the airport in Oslo on Sunday?
The problem I am having is getting down to Geiranger. We wanted to go on the 3 hour ferry ride but there is no ferry on Saturday. What other ferries are there? Is there one that goes to Hellesylt first?
I need good advise please!

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The 8th is a monday and the 10th is a wednesday. What are you actually trying to do? A day trip to Geiranger from Oslo or something else?

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Badger you must have a different year's calendar out. (The OP does indeed have days wrong though)

I show
October 8 = Saturday
October 10= Monday

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We will arrive on Saturday October 8

Arrive where ? Oslo? Ålesund?

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The Hurtigruten coastal ships make an overnight run from Bergen to Alesund. They depart Bergen at about 8 PM (2000) and initially dock in Alesund around 8 AM, I think. The ship then makes a long detour into the Gierangerfjord before returning to Alesund around 8 PM that night. I doubt that there's a super-late flight from Alesund to Oslo that would get you back to the capital that same day, but you can check on to see. The other issue is that this year the ships weren't running seven days a week even in the summer. [See Badger's post below; the Geirangerfjord detour is not year-round.]

As you know, there are also daytime excursions into the fjord, but I don't know their schedules or point(s) of departure. It appears you are ahead of me on this since you know the boats don't run every day of the week at the time of year you are traveling. (Please clarify your dates; as already noted, there is some confusion there.)

The Geirangerfjord is lovely, but it is arguable whether it is prettier than the Naeroyfjord arm of the Sognefjord. The latter is accessible as part of the Norway in a Nutshell trip that many people use to travel between Oslo and Bergen. A variant of that trip can be made as a round-trip from Oslo, not going all the way to Bergen. October isn't peak season, so some elements of the trip may not run as frequently as they do in mid-summer, but there's a good chance you can accomplish this on the full day you have in Norway:

Regular train from Oslo to Myrdal (
Flamsbana scenic train from Myrdal down to Flam (
(Book the outbound train ticket all the way from Oslo to Flam with a change in Myrdal.)
Fjord boat from Flam to Gudvangen (
Bus from Gudvangen to Voss
Regular train from Voss back to Oslo (

You can book all the major components separately in advance, just buying the Flam-Gudvangen bus ticket from the driver as you board, but the NorwaysBest folks sell packages at a mark-up. That might be easier since you are traveling soon (assuming your trip is this year).

Things to be aware of: short daylight hours in October and weather challenges. The round-trip from Oslo to Flam/Gudvangen/Voss is a long one; I believe it would be somewhat dark if not totally dark during the early and late parts of the trip (the train rides) even if you were very lucky with the weather. This is not an inexpensive excursion, no matter how you pull it off. The weather may very well be overcast and/or rainy; western Norway gets a great deal of rain. If the weather isn't good, views will be negatively affected. I have no comparable data for Flam, but October is the rainiest month of the year in Bergen (over 10-1/2 inches of rain, with rain falling nearly 2 out of every 3 days).

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I must have been a bit or confused by the post, or maybe looked at the wrong month. But I still want to know if it's a one day trip or a two day trip. If it's a one day trip, it's too rushed in my opinion. But it is certainly possible as a two day trip.

The ship then makes a long detour into the Gierangerfjord before
returning to Alensund around 8 PM that night.

No, it doesn't. The detour to Geiranger is summer only.

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You can rent a car in Alesund (at the airport) and drive to Geiranger. I drove in Norway and it was a great experience. I did not do this drive but it was something I looked at when I planned my trip (just visited Norway this past August); drive to Hellesylt and take ferry to Geiranger (to get tour of the fjord) and then loop back to Alesund. If you arrive in Alesund on the 8th, you could drive to Geiranger, maybe stay the night and drive back to Alesund on the 9th - although I did hear that some people do this loop in one day. I drove from Geiranger to Molde in one day (going over Trollstigen) and had plenty of time along the way for sightseeing stops. So, it seems doable for a roundtrip drive from Alesund in one day.

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You really need to rent a car from the airport at Alesund and then drive to Hellesylt. To do this, drive out east from Alesund and take the car ferry over to Sykkylven. Then follow the road along the fjord, go over the Sunmore Alps, then drop down to Hellesylt. The ferry goes from there, up the Geirangerfjord, to the town of Geiranger. From there it's best to drive along the Trollstigen Road north, all the way to the Trollstigen Pass, and then work your way back west to Alesund. You can easily do this in one VERY long day or split it into two days, spending the night in either Hellesylt or Geiranger. I think that this route is one of the best in the world - there is really nothing like it anywhere else.