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Ferry from Flam to Gundvagen

We are taking the ferry from Flam to Gundvagen and back, as an excursion for the day in early August (side trip from NIN). Two questions:
1 - anyone have a recommendation for the Premium versus Classic vessel? We need to be able to sit down and the classic looks like it has minimal seating, but it's less expensive.

2 - is it worth spending any time in Gundvagen (like for lunch) or should we just get on the return boat straight away? We need to be back in Flam by 3:30 so just wondering if we should try to fit in a few hours in Gundvagen.
Thanks in advance!

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1) I took the premium vessel. Plenty of places to sit. And what's nice was to get from the top to the bottom outside there were no steps. Just ramps.

2) A few hours in Gudvangen? No, maybe a few minutes.

But what I don't understand is you are saying you are doing NIN and that includes the ferry from
Flam to Gundvagen. No need to do the ferry round trip.

The classic NIN (from Oslo to Bergen) is Train to Myrdal, Flam Railway to Flam, Ferry to Gundvagen, Bus to Voss, Bergen Express rail to Bergen. (Or it can be done in reverse.)

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The name is Gudvangen - "n" at other place.

  1. Same route just ships look different. If you are handicapped you will get seating by staff.

  2. Gudvangen is a gas station, a boat pier and a few houses plus the artificial Viking village. Just return by bus shuttle.