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Ferries in Norway

We are traveling to Norway next week. We are driving from Stavenger to Alesund. It looks like there are some ferries along the way. Does anyone know if we need to reserve a space ahead of time? If so how to do that?.

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There are three type of ferries.

  • part of official street network, e.g. ferries of route Ryfylke & the ones from / to Utne: no reservation possible for non-Norwegians. Not all drive the whole night - to get last ferry can matter.
  • Special situation Stavanger: Kolumbus combo ferry to Lysebotn can also be sold out very quickly, only very few car places. Reservation urgently needed.
  • "tourist" ferries, e.g. Gudvangen - Kaupanger: reservation really meaningful.

More about ferry usage in Norway (German). Use DeepL for translation.

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We drove last summer from Bergen to Skudenshavn and I was wondering this same question. There was one ferry, we just drove up and got our tickets, no problem. We also went through the longest tunnel I have ever driven through!

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Just line up your car with everyone else waiting - no reservation needed. The ferry officials will directl you onto the ferry in your car. Stay there until an attendant comes up to the window - you will pay him. They have hand-held credit card machines or you can pay cash. After you have paid you are free to walk around the ferry to enjoy the views. Some of the larger ferries that go longer distances have nice cafes to sit in. Most have observation decks high up on the boat which is where I head - enjoy!