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Female traveling alone in Oslo

Hi fellow travelers!

I will be in Oslo for work for a few nights, staying at the Grand Hotel on Karl Johns Gate. Wondering how safe it will be for me to be walking around on my own? I was planning to check in to my hotel around 3pm and then walk up/down Karl Johns Gate, walk to the Opera House, Palace and Parliament. Is that feasible and safe? How dark is it in Oslo at the end of March?

Is it recommended to take the Metro from the airport to the hotel?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

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Ahhhh the safety question.

Have you been to Europe before? Oslo is super safe. I felt perfectly fine walking alone early morning or at night. I did go there by myself. I would say 100% safe....ok 99% since you still have to be careful about your surroundings like anywhere in the world.

Airport to City = train. The best way is to take the train. Regional train (NSB) are more affordable. Or take the FLYTOGET if you are in a rush to get there. The price is quite high but the fast train takes only 19 minutes. Regional maybe 25 minutes...from memory...!

For your daylight question...well, it will be far from white nights that is for sure...but Oslo is charming by night too:

Looks like you have not done much research...Please do some before you arrive perhaps it will reassure you...but ...

Stop worrying and enjoy this beautiful city!!! Have a great trip!!!

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A Norwegian joke book has a story of a father's advice to a son on his first trip away from the family. The father says that travel is safe because Norwegians are honest. But you need to be careful because other travelers include foreigners.

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Welcome E,

first off im a male so take my comments/opinions as you see fit.

I find that im more comfortable safety wise in Europe than in the USA. I still keep my radar active and try not to let my stupid side come out and i will use common sense too.

In my limited time there i felt it was safe even when i was the only person out early Sunday morning. I also spent a night or two just wondering around the streets at night.

I took the express train from OSL to town. I like express trains though but they can be more expensive.

Sorry, i dont know how dark it is in March, but you can look it up on the web. Google sunset/sunrise times for Oslo. just a thought.

happy trails.

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Hi everyone, thank you so much for the feedback! I didn't know you could look up sunset/sunrise on the internet (yes I feel foolish now) and was confused about the train situation, thanks for the clarification. I also didn't realize Norway had such a great reputation for being safe, that is comforting to hear. I plan not to take that for granted and plan to always be aware of my surroundings nonetheless.

I love this forum, it's so great and I appreciate everyone's responses! Thanks!

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When I visited Oslo, I didn't arrive until well after 10 in the evening. I seem to recall plenty of young women walking around in the vicinity of the National Theater (and no, I don't mean a certain type of woman that tends to walk around at night...). It didn't look particularly unsafe.

And it goes without saying, Norway has a very low overall crime rate, although being the largest city, the rate is probably highest in Oslo.

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"......... I also didn't realize Norway had such a great reputation for being safe, that is comforting to hear."

Not just Norway either.

Everywhere i have traveled ive never felt i needed a COP even in the "seedy" parts of town as Rick would put it. Sometimes i seek out the "seedy" parts of town to see how the other half and not pretty part of town looks. To me if everything is all roses, theres something wrong. Also, "seedy" is relative.

A little story. I was sent to Connecticut for my work and never been up there. Spent a Sunday driving around Hartford and had to get some gas. Hartford itself was dead as a doornail. Not like PDX where its busy on weekends. Found a gas station near the City Hall and noticed that just across the street was what i would call "slums". Since they looked like something out of a movie, no paint, boarded up, garbage in the yard and street, but just across it was pristine. That is nothing ive ever seen back home even in the hood or our "slums" and i grew up in the hood. To me a 3rd world country looked better than that. Just some perspective.

happy trails.