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Feedback on my NN on my own plan please!

Plan is to do NN on August 2,2018 from Bergen to Oslo. We have Eurail Pass so must make own arrangements. I'm driving myself crazy over what to do first & to make workable plan. Please help me so I can sleep at night!!
1. RS says key to reserve Oslo to Myrdal in peak season but is that also true going in reverse (Myrdal to Oslo)? If so my intent is to take 17:54 train to Oslo. Is this the most time critical reservation to make?
2. RS also says no reservations for Voss-Gudvangen bus but I'm not clear on what schedule the busses run. Could you please provide a link for me to search? I would like to have sufficient time to make the 10:30 classic boat cruise to Flam.
3. Is reserving the cruise the next critical step after Myrdal-Oslo reservation?
3. RS says no reservations possible for Flamsbama rail so I must wait until we arrive in Norway (Bergen) on August 1 to purchase ticket ? And getting on a particular train is just a matter of who is first in line at the Flamsbama station?
As you can see, I need some guidance & reassurance :) Thanks for helping this worried traveler!

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I can't answer all your questions, but regarding the Flamsbana, you can't reserve seats, but tickets are sold for specific departure times. You can buy them at

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My son and I took the 17:54 Myrdal-Oslo train last month (16:05 Flåm-Myrdal). I had purchased tickets (and reserved seats) for that leg online prior. I had trouble using my credit card; ultimately had to use PayPal which worked fine. There were plenty of available seats as we boarded but that might not be the case in August - peak tourist season.