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Extra days Bergen after RS Tour

Are there any of you that have taken the Rick Steves Scandinavia tour? We will end up in Bergen after a bus ride from Oslo where we take a two hour ferry trip from Flåm to Gudvangen. We are a little confused whether we will really see the best of the fjord area and wondering about renting a car for a day or two after the tour ends and taking some day trips out of Bergen. Could stay in Bergen or do an overnight two day trip before we fly home. Suggestions appreciated!!

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We did a road trip in Norway a few years ago. We rented a car at the Bergen airport, then drove 70 miles to Voss where we stayed two nights at Fleischer's Hotel (one of the old historic ones). On the full day we drove south east visiting first the Eidfjord area, then drove down to Odda, back up to Utne, and back to Voss. (140 miles). This trip included a few ferry rides. It was very beautiful, although the rest of the trip was even more beautiful ---we headed north for two nights at Kvikne's Hotel on the Sogne Fjord and farther north for two nights in Geiranger.

Another possibility is to drive from Voss to Flam, then to Hopperstadt where the Vik stave church is, then take the ferry to Balestrand and return to Voss. (17`1 miles).

Driving in Norway is very easy. The roads are good although there aren't very many of them in the fjord area. At the top ;of the mountains there is usually a tunnel instead of a twisty hairpin road. Instead of bridges, there are ferries across the fjords.