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Extra days after a cruise

Our cruise itinerary gives us a partial day in Stavanger, most of a day in Flam (but don't know if the connections for Norway in a Nutshell) will be possible), and a full day in Bergen. After we disembark the ship in Bergen, we will have 4 days/4 nights to further explore Norway. Seems that we might feel we haven't seen enough of the Sognefiord area--too bad our cruise doesn't give us 2 days there. We will want to end in Oslo, from where we will fly home. Should we rent a car in Bergen or take public transportation? How is the best way to allocate the time?

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I think you have a few options, and none of them is bad. But it depends on how much time you want in Oslo before your flight home. You could do NiN or a variant, with a stopover along the way. Or you could rent a car and drive.

This past May I did Sognefjord in a Nutshell in the opposite direction (from Oslo to Bergen) with two nights in Balestrand. I rented a car in Balestrand for a day and did a driving tour around the area that was the highlight of my time in Norway. If you do this (in reverse), then I would recommend that when you're in Flam on your cruise, you should take an excursion to Naeroyfjord. Then you will come back to Flam via express boat, and you'll ride the Flam Railway to Myrdal, where you'll catch the train to Oslo. Both of those train rides are quite scenic.

Feel free to send me a private message if you have specific questions.