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Extra day - Oslo or Bergen?


My wife and I are trying to decide where we would want to spend an extra day. We currently have 3 days in Bergen and 3 1/2 in Oslo. We would like to plan a day trip from either location and would like some suggestions. We are also spending 3 days in Balestrand.



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How are you traveling between Bergen and Oslo. If you did the Norway in a Nutshell train-bus-boat combination tour travel would take a full day to two days if you did the route with an overnight top midway between the two cities.

My option is that there is more to do/see in Oslo than Bergen. That said, two full days in Bergen and 3 full days in Oslo are adequate to give you a quick picture of the two cities.

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It depends a bit on what you are looking for and want to see and do. But Oslo is by far the larger of the two so there is a lot more things you can do there.

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These comments are based on pre-trip research. I haven't been to Norway yet.

I think one of the key day trips from Bergen is into the Handangerfjord. I believe there are both boat and bus options. But having spent 3 days in Balestrand, you may have done all the fjording you need to do.

Three places outside Oslo that sound interesting to me are:

  • Drobak, described as a delightful town on the Oslo fjord.

  • Frederikstad, a popular weekend getaway with an historic fort and attractive waterfront. Just over 1 hour by train from Oslo.

  • Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Museum, which is out beyond Vigeland Park. There appear to be nice walking possibilities in the area.

I've given myself 4 full days in both Oslo (not counting arrival day from the US) and Bergen. I'm confident that won't be too long if the weather cooperates and allows me to enjoy time spent outdoors. I expect to be short of time in Oslo because of the museums, but I'll be looping back through Oslo on my way to Sweden, so I may be able to insert an extra day or two in the capital at that point. It will depend on whether I can maintain some flexibility in my Swedish hotel and train bookings. Costs in Norway are such that I'm going to try to concentrate on being an efficient traveler rather than taking my usual, laid-back approach of "What do I feel like doing today?"

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We spent 2 full days in Bergen and 3 full days in Oslo. The 2 days in Bergen were enough. We could have easily spent a 4th full day in Oslo. We did spend 3 full days in Balestrand, 3 full days in Solvorn and two half days in Flam.

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Unless you are doing nature visits outside of Bergen itself, 3 days is too many (IMO). I vote for Oslo. Don't miss Vigeland Park!