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Express Ferry --- or any ferry Bergen to Balestrand

Please...can anyone give me the name of the ferry company where I can buy a ticket from Bergen to Balestrand? Or give me a link. Or tell me the name of the port -- but it needs to be close to the town, and my hotel which is right in town; or a bus from another town/port.

On Norled or Direct Ferries there is no "Balestrand" destination. I am stymied. In the forums folks talk about getting the express boat to Balestrand. I've used Google maps, Google searches, TripAdvsior and this forum. I have sent an email to Norled.

I am traveling in 2 weeks. Your help will be greatly appreciated!


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The express boat line you want to look at is Sogn and Fjordane, and then you can check the schedule for Bergen - Sogn - Flåm - Bergen. Then you'll get to this PDF, and you'll see that the boat stops in Balestrand.:

To order tickets, click the "Order link." That will take you here:

Select Bergen Strandkaiterminal as the "From" terminal and "Balestrand kai" as the To terminal. From there, everything should be straightforward.

And by the way, you can skip the first two links and go directly to the booking page. I just put all that other detail in for the benefit of others who might have the same difficulty you're having.

Good luck!

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Lane covered it, but to add a testimonial: I took a Norled fast ferry in May from Bergen (8AM Sunday departure) to Balestrand (arrived @ 1150). The Norled mooring point on the dock is well-marked, is next to a small terminal building, and was within a short walking distance from my hotel. It's right there in the middle of it all across the water from the Brygge (a Google maps street view available on the Norled site Lane pointed you to shows the immediate area very clearly). The ferry docks adjacent to the tourist center in Balestrand where everything is within walking distance. :-) Safe travels!

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Just to shout out a THANKS.

I really work at figuring it all out myself, but got stuck on ferry schedules.
One gets easily "redirected" to the various tour companies that overlay the actual ferry operator(s), and they presume one intends to go Bergen to Flåm.
Balestrand Hotel replied back, and just as described on Rick's site, said they'd meet me at the dock for luggage assistance.
I don't need assistance, but how reassuring!
Downloaded offline Google map of Balestrand area.
As this is my second short venture to Norge, I hope to repay the kindnesses here by replying to questions in this forum.

Takk for svar!