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EV rental for road trip late july

There are some topics close to this but allow me to post what may be slightly different...

I am planning a road trip at maybe the busiest time of year, late July, in Norway. I want to have an experience with all the flexibility a vehicle will afford me.

I own an EV and have experience with charging, etc. in the US. Can anyone share thoughts/experiences on renting and EV for a Norwegian road trip?

I’m concerned about any special credentials, like Norwegian ID, to use provider apps and heavy use of infrastructure in late July. I would think the car rental agencies would have the process of charging dialed in for international travelers but I’m not sure about that.


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Considering the range of a modern electric car and the slow average speed on Norwegian roads, you probably never have to think about charging as long as you can charge the car overnight.

But yes, the easiest is probably to ask the rental companies.

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Thanks for the information. I had see some of the content referenced but not all, so that was helpful.

There is a fair amount of content that shows all the great infrastructure and a youtuber tapping an RFID card and charging. My frustration and concern is where in the heck do you get the RFID card? Do you need an app with some money deposited and available on account or credit card linked?

Basically I am hoping to learn how to be prepared in the first place. I'll call the rental company in Norway to find out more. It would be nice if they had an account that would just link to your rental agreement and you pay them via your contract. But that may be to much to hope for.