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Easy to pack space saving

Hello! Going to Scandinavia this summer and am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for bringing sweaters that are space efficient and have a bit of warmth to them. All I can think of is a cotton type sweater and they take up a lot of room and wrinkle easily.

Any help would be GREAT! Jane

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Use a compression bag or a packing cube -- they work wonders in making sweaters take up alot less room. I am able to compress a heavy Irish sweater into a small zippered cube that would otherwise take up 1/3 of my suitcase.

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I would suggest cashmere, a “smart wool” product or a fleece over cotton. Wool and fleece are warmer, shed water better and retain warmth even when wet. They are also more compressible than cotton. There’s an old hiking saying: “cotton kills”.

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Over the last year I've moved from a cardigan (used to travel with the Lands End Supima one listed above in a post which has now disappeared??) to a Dri-fit 1/4 zip pull over. I find them as warm as a cardie and much, much less bulk. I took 2 ( black and gray which went with my capsule wardrobe colors) on my last trip to Paris, Belgium and Netherlands in March and April and along with a puffy vest (easily compressed) took me down to temps that were around 32F. I also took the cardie with me but never really wore it as the dri-fit worked for day and night. I took one with me last year to England and Scotland (May and June) and started out with it on every day.

I've been using the Ideology brand from Macy's because I've gotten both on sale for around $20. There are more expensive ones from some of the athletic apparel companies as well.

The puffy vest I got at Costco last year for $20 or so. I don't think they have them any more - haven't seen them at least. Many companies make a puffy vest and they compress pretty flat. Also good for use as a pillow on the plane, lol!

I always travel with a waterproof layer as well. I suspect you will have that along too, but that combined with the dri-fit was a warm combo for me.

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Another vote for cashmere -- warm, light, thin. As I go through my favorite thrift shops I grab any cashmere pullover or cardigan in my size and price range (under $20)
Down jacket or vest compresses well in a 2-gallon Ziploc bag -- zip almost closed, sit on the bag to get air out, zip closed.

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I love my Patagonia nano puff jacket. It zips into its pocket so fits easily in a day bag. I also use lightweight cashmere or merino pullovers. Layering with these has been more efficient than a bigger single item. Also a waterproof anorek jacket. Then you can buy s sweater along the way 😀!