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Driving Oslo to Flam - Route E16 or via Route 7 and then 50 or 52


My husband and I are planning to do Norway in a Nutshell by ourselves - with a car. Has a quick question about which route is more scenic - E16 and then through the longest tunnel (24.5km) or take the route 7 and then either 50 or 52?
I understand scenic view can also be subjective, but wanted to know if any one road is preferred over the other?

We are doing this trip on 19th May, 2018 so it might be kind of spring, and were wondering if the road 50 will be accessible at that time of the year?

thanks a lot in anticipation.


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I'd drive E16 unless there are particular stops you'd like to make in Hemsedal or Hallingdal. You can see live road conditions and closures here:,Vær-%20og%20føremeldinger,Vegkamera%20og%20værstasjoner,Bomstasjoner,Trafikkmeldinger&listView=false

Use Google's Chrome browser for translations.

Also Google Street View at is available for all the routes to get a better idea of what they look like.

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Highway Route 7 generally follows the NiN train route to Geilo and Haugastøl. However, the track between Haugastøl and Finse, highest point on the Bergen line is not served by road and the scenery is spectacular in its sparness.

You will also miss the Flåm Railway descent from Finse.

And you will also miss the Flåm to Gudvangen boat ride on Aurlandsfjord and on the narrow Nærøyfjord.

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I would have chosen 7 and 52. Road 50 is open year round.

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Go through the Hardangervidda. It is a desolate but stunning plateau full of lakes and with luck wildflowers at that time.

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Thank you all for the replies. I understand we would miss out on some train scenery when we drive, but we are hoping the drive will also be beautiful. We do plan to do the Flam to Gudvagen boat ride in the fjord as we take a 1 night halt in that area before continuing to Bergen.

We plan to take the route 7 and 52 as of now. Will write once we get back. Any must see stops or suggestions are welcome. Looking forward to the drive this weekend!