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Driving in the Geirangerfjord area

Does anyone have experience driving from Hellesylt to Geiranger via Stryn, Hjelle Valley, Videster, etc? We want to take the ferry from Geiranger to Hellesylt and then make a big driving loop back on routes 15 and 63. It's either that or take the early morning ferry as a round trip as all later returns from Hellesylt are already booked. This will be early June, so wondering about snow in the high elevations as well as general info on the roads.

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We've had a few posters mention driving in that area, or more generally in Norway, but not all that many. I hope at least one or two of them see your post and respond. If they do not, you might try the Search function here with the term Hellesylt (and separately with Geiranger, but the latter may turn up a bunch of links that aren't pertinent to your inquiry).

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The URL above will take you to the Norwegian road site. It gives information about driving conditions on the roads. There is a
"button" to click for English translation.

We drove in Norway in June several years ago and will be doing so again this June. Norway has excellent roads but many of them do have seasonal closures.

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I early June I think all the roads will be open. But keep an eye on the information, things might change and you never know.

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I drove Stryn to Geiranger via 15 and 63 the end of August. The roads were great and scenery lovely. I went to the Dalsnibba viewpoint also and it was quite chilly. Weather will certainly be something to watch. I’m not sure what you could expect in early June but I do remember being able to check some websites or apps prior to making the drive that provided weather info. I didn’t want to pay the high toll fee for Dalsnibba if I wasn’t going to see anything. You can make the drive without having to go up to the Dalsnibba viewpoint. But, it’s an option if open and weather is decent.