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Driving from Bergen to Lillehammer

Does anyone have advice on driving from Bergen to Lillehammer in one day? What's the best route in terms of ease of driving and/or most direct? Looking for any hints or tips. Thanks!

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The route that Google shows is probably the easiest and most direct: E16 - Rv33 - Rv250
Here are some tips:
-Roads aren't marked north, south, east, west, they just say the number and the next destination, so it helps to know the names of all the small towns along your route. Also when you go around roundabout after roundabout I find that I can get confused which way I'm facing.
-Some highways are not wide enough to have a center painted line. This is the case with Rv250 on your route. You want to be good at keeping well to the right and knowing how wide you are on the road. Also watch some YouTube videos on driving single-track roads. They will probably be from the U.K., but the rules are similar.
-Read about the Yellow diamond signs, these determine the right-of-way when you are driving around inside the towns. Many intersections aren't marked with stop signs or yield signs, so you need to know which road has the right-of-way, so you don't confuse yourself and other drivers.