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Do we have this train plan correct for Bruges to Leiden via Antwerp?

I see on a route for $27:
Brugges 11
Gent 11:30
Antwerp 12:45
Breda 13:23
Den Haag HS 14:13
Leiden Central 14:25

Do we understand correctly? We can leave Brugges on any earlier train, but would have to be on the 12:45 out of Antwerp?

Thanks so much!!!

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Yes that's right (10.58 out of Bruges, the 2 minutes might matter). You can buy against that train, but travel on any train (or just buy on the day). So unless you are meeting someone at Antwerp you don't have to be on the 1244.

PS- out of interest, why is this in the Norway forum, (sticky fingers, likely!!)

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Sorry, was just coming back to put in the Belgium group.
I'm confused, which train do we have to reserve ahead of time or the price will increase?
We're going Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Leiden, Harlem, Amsterdam
Thanks so much.

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You don't have to book ahead. If you were going by Thalys from Antwerp that would be dearer, save 40 minutes and after Antwerp be 1 change at Rotterdam. The Thalys Antwerp to Rotterdam is mandatory booking. But ordinary IC trains in both countries are just travel on any you want.

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now I am confused. Where is your destination? Leiden? Haarlem? Amsterdam?

Do you want to stop along the way or get to your destination?