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Day Hikes in Jotunheim Mountains (Near Roisheim / Lom)

My wife and I are planning to spend 2 days / 2 nights at the Roisheim hotel (near Lom) area of the Jotunheim mountains area. We enjoy hiking but area looking for some recommended day hikes in and around that area (within 60-90 minutes drive). We are well aware of the highly touted Bessengen hike and are considering it but I'd like to see if we could find something closer to Lom area. We have a rental car so traveling to most any hike should not be a concern for us. We just really like to hear from others to hear their suggestions as we are finding very little information on the web about day hikes in the Jotunheim's. We seem to only see references to Bessengen. There must be other hikes to do besides that one. Please feel free to let us know. I'd love to hear from you!

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Your best bet may be to correspond with the hotel.

As an alternative check the DNT (Den Norske Turistforening Trekking Association website and/or visit the DNT office for suggestions and topographic trekking maps. DNT office in Oslo a couple of blocks from the Oslo S train station:

Youngstorget 1, 0181 Oslo, Norway

Trip suggestions Find suggested hikes all over Norway at Use
the google translate button in the right corner.

Looks like there is a trail head near Hoft or Hofta to the Rouburgstulen tourist hytte
Road from Sognefjell Road (rv. 55) Boverdalen.
Raubergstulen lies at the northern Galdhøpiggmassivet middle of the northern part of Jotunheimen. The place is a great starting point for trips to Galdhøpiggen peak.

Continue south to the Juvasshytta:

Juvasshytta located north of Jotunheimen and is the closest cottage to
Galdhøpiggen. The cottage has great views Galdhøpiggmassivet and
Glittertinden among other things. There are daily passage over Ugly
Brean Galdhøpiggen summer season. The cottage is the second highest
tourist lodge.

You should be able to get lunch and drinks at the hytta.

Using Google Maps:

Røisheim Hotell
Sognefjellvegen, 2687 Bøverdalen, Norway

Head southwest on Rv55
3.7 km

Turn left toward Raubergstulsvegen
250 m

Turn left onto Raubergstulsvegen
4.2 km

Slight left
Destination will be on the left
110 m
Raubergstulen turisthytte AS, Galdhøpiggvegen 460

Continuing south from Raubergstulen turisthytte:

Head north
72 m

Turn left onto Raubergstulsvegen
Destination will be on the left
9.1 km
2686 Lom, Norway

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Checking Google Maps, it looks like you could drive between Roisheim hotel and Raubergstulen turisthytte.

Goggle Maps driving directions (8.7 km 11 minutes):

Røisheim Hotell Sognefjellvegen, 2687 Bøverdalen

Head southwest on Rv55 4.0 km;

Turn left onto Raubergstulsvegen 4.6 km;

Keep left Destination will be on the left 110 m

Raubergstulen turisthytte AS, Galdhøpiggvegen 460

From Raubergstulen turisthytte you can walk uphill to Juvasshytta. The 6 km walk is rated "demanding" because you ascend from 1000 moh (meters above sea level) to 1845 moh. Of course the return walk is rated at a lower level because you are descending. Trekking poles could useful.


Type: Hiking

Length: About. 5.9 km

Duration: 3 hours + (Bereg running time for an adult male, in good
shape, with no breaks. Read more about the timing here)
grading: demanding (up hill)

Along the road a little way up the trail takes straight south into the
terrain. A sharp rise east of Dugurdskampen before the trail passes
the road and continue the heating. Slightly weaker but still steady
climb past Juvasshøe, where the path splits for route towards
Heimresætre and Spiterstulen passed about 250 meters before

Note that I have not visited these huts but have spent the night at Spiterstulen to the south during a ski tour. The Jotunheim is well worth the visit. If you had an extra day, you could spend the night at Juvasshytta then walk back the next day. Juvasshytta has showers and 220 volt power.
Rom m/dusj og wc
600 pr pers Voksen

530 pr pers Barn (13 år)
Alle priser inklusive frokost (breakfast included)

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Another starting point is Krossbu. (I spent a night at Krossbu on our Jotunheim ski tour a number of years ago.) Road access per Google Maps (30 minutes, 31.4 km drive):

Røisheim Hotell Sognefjellvegen, 2687 Bøverdalen, Norway

Head southwest on Rv55 Parts of this road may be closed at certain
times or days Destination will be on the left 31.4 km

Krossbu Turiststasjon 2687 Bøverdalen, Norway

Summer is the season we can offer as many activities and adventures
for all ages. Tours of Smørstabbreen to Leirvassbu, Great Bear or just
a tour of Smørstabbreen among fantastic formations. Equipment for such
trips can be hired from us. Are you interested in glacier then click
on the link Glacier course in the menu.


Type: Hiking

Length: About. 15.9 km

Duration: 6 hours + Bereg running time for an adult male, in good
shape, with no breaks. Read more about the timing here grading: medium+

fits: Adult, senior

Go from Krossbu to Veslbreatinden. The terrain up is easy and gentle
climb. This is the just over most part of the trip, with a climb of
about 800 meters. Continue from Veslebreatinden and climb the
Hurrbreatinden, Veslfjelltinden and attic, on the way to Jotunheimen
Fjellstue. The last stretching from attic to Jotunheimen Fjellstue it
is about 1100 meters, in varied terrain.

See elevation profile. Starts at 1275 moh, ascends to three “toppers” over 2000 moh between 6 and 11 km from Krossbu then descends to the Jotuhheimen hut. You would likely want to just walk to the “toppers” then return to Krossbu to keep the walk to a 12 to 20 km walk.